Talavera Mosaic Coffee Table

    Talavera tile is a hand painted clay tile produced in most countries south of the border. This mosaic tabletop was made of Talavera tiles imported from Old Mexico. These tiles offer vibrant colors painted in intricate designs accented by solid colored tiles in matching colors.

    This unique coffee table was created by using patterned Talavera tiles in each corner and in the center, offset by mosaic shards of solid colors. The top is floating** inside an upturned skirt of wood. The wooden top is adorned with clavos mounted to a cast steel footed base.  The steel is finished in antique browns with copper green highlights.

    This is a one of a kind item reflecting the spirit of the Mexican influence in the old Southwest.


Dimensions (L X D X H):  51 X 26 X 17 inches

Weight:  100 lbs.

Mosaics:  Talavera tile, talavera shards

Grout: Antique White

Table Base: Exterior grade plywood, 3/4 inch

Table Base:  Cast steel with antique browns and copper greens

Skirt:  Upturned wood

Price:  Commissioned

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